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Daan & Yvonne van Leeuwen Boomkamp

the new season 2014/2015 is on it way

Mid winter and we have great weather. The first time in our history we had the pool full in use as it is now SOLAR heated and we made already use of our new tour vehicle to go into the mountains with our guests. Dear Guests,

The season 2013-2014 was very successful and our new expansion has turned out to be a big "hit". We welcomed many new faces, but also were delighted to see so many guest returning as if they were family.

Both our children Tessa en Stefan have joined our management and they have finished their studies at University. Time to make the theoretical know-how into practical substance.

The restaurant was also a welcome amendment and we will do that again this year starting in October with a new staff under Stefan's supervision. Tessa runs the office and Daan en Yvonne play Jack of all trades.

We have made quite some changes again and the fine-tuning of services and offerings is an ongoing process. This year we have added some incentives which were lacking, like good working solar heating for the big pool. 80mtr-2 of panels have been installed and all kind of electronics switches make that the pool is generally lovely to swim in. Because of vaporization in summer, pools in South Africa are generally very cold. In August, so mid witter and after 3 days of sun, we had the pool full with works!

Then we added a home build game-viewer vehicle to our fleet. Although it is an old master ( toyota land-cruizer ) build in 1989, we restyled it and added benches and a new roof. We even managed to get it through "roadworthy" as a passenger carrier in Paarl which was done with the help of our technical team at Spes Bona Garage. Stefan and Daan had to get new driver licences to be able to carry so many passengers but now all is in place.
We have done our first tours with guests and we did the Paarl Mountain Nature reserve trip with Pick nick and the next day the wine-tasting trip in our area on our side of the mountain...the guests loved it and so did we. 

wine tour mid winter in Paarl

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Daan & Yvonne van Leeuwen Boomkamp
Daan & Yvonne van Leeuwen Boomkamp
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