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Daan & Yvonne van Leeuwen Boomkamp

Please meet the people behind the scene at " De Leeuwenhof guesthouse"

The washing, the bedding, the flowers and gardens, the pool-cleaning, the breakfast and the washing up of the dishes, the little things like a flower on your cushion or the room pre-heated or cooled, it is our staff who make your stay a pleasant one, so that is why we introduce them to you via our blog.
Behind the scene there is always a lot to do at " De Leeuwenhof", from making sure the garden looks beautiful up to the cleaning of the smallest details and making sure the guest rooms are looking great.
Guests often tend to forget this often invisible workforce but lets change that by introducing them in our blog.

From Left to Right we see Memmy Samuels, Jaftha Samuels, Samantha Herbert, Adriaan September and Sarie Hendriks.

Memmy (42), who lives all off her life in Paarl, as her father used to work for the previous owner of the bigger farm, joined us in December 2006 and looks after the rooms and the breakfast and makes sure your bed and rooms are clean and smell nice. Since Memmy started she has really won the hearts of our (often) returning guests. She is also in the process of getting her driving licence and already past the theoretical part.

Jaftha (61), is with us since may 2008 and he looks after the garden, drives the tractor and does all paint jobs on the outside. As he is semi retired we only can rely on him for 2 days a week.

Samantha (35), joined us recently in November and she lives now on the farm itself. She was with us in The Netherlands 15 years back and took care as an au-pair of our kids, not knowing that faith would bring us together again in South Africa. Samantha looks after the general management with us and makes sure the guests have a fantastic stay.

Adriaan (63), joined us in 2004 together with Sarie, when we came to South Africa and is in charge of the garden. Adriaan has never missed a day as he takes great pride in maintaining the front and back gardens. As he is very religious man, so we often ask him to lead with a prayer if we have a meeting with our team. A warm smile and a beautiful understanding how gods work has to be done on earth.

Sarrie( 59), joined us in 2004 together with Adriaan. She is the most quiet of them all and also she is very religious. She looks after the main house in general and when it is busy she helps memmy. She is in charge of the washing and asked for, she will do the washing of our guests too with pride.

And then our dogs as we have 5. Bram, sammy, pedro and jakkie and holigan. They also look after you, they bark or go after animals we do not mention, but also do not want around the guest rooms or main house. Sometimes jakkie, our jack russel, takes his job very seriously and plows our lawn to go after a mole...upsetting adriaan the gardner...but thats farm life.

We try to live in harmony with the people in the area and with our staff in particular, as this will create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and understanding. The fact that we still have all who started with us around, is a good sign and is also appreciated by our returning guests as such, as it makes them feel like coming home.

the staff at "de Leeuwenhof" 2011

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Daan & Yvonne van Leeuwen Boomkamp
Daan & Yvonne van Leeuwen Boomkamp
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Erg leuk gedaan! Is Samantha geslaagd?



Tuesday, 01 March 2011
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